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For the problembs in and around you
All Types of negative radiations like:-
  1. Geostress,Defective Vasthu,Evil Eye,Evil Sprits,Black Magic,Electro Magnetic Radiation
  2. Frequent Health Problems, Chronic Diseases, Pains, Allergies, Blood Pressure etc.
  3. Stress, Confusion, Fear, Anger, Sleeplessness
  4. Severe Financial Problems
  5. No Clarity in Decision Making Process
  6. Hurdles & Losses in all Efforts.
  7. Strained Relationship with everyone
Solution starts within 24 Hours
First Time in the world
The fusion of science and sprituality

A wonder remedy for all your problems that works on rational, scientific principles.

My Personal
100% Money Back Assurance

P.N. Parthiban
Chairman & Managing Director
You & Me Marketing Pvt Ltd.

My Personal Assurance based on the confidence provided by thousands of Testimonials from customers on the effectiveness of this product.

Positive changes are sure to be felt by you within 24 hours of using Auramax However, in the highly unlikely event of not feeling any improvement in your physical and mental status even after 7 days from the date of use, you may return the product and take the money back. (Absolutely No Conditions or deductions).
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